This Ferrari LMP1 will make you squeak

Sicilian student sketches the best-looking LMP1 racer we’ve ever seen. MAKE IT NOW

Words haven't really returned to us just yet, so excuse us if the remainder of this story is drivel. But above, you will notice what looks like Ferrari's Le Mans car of the future.
It's not. As in, it's in NO WAY OFFICIAL. But is in every way excellent. Most excellent. It's the work of Sicilian design student Daniele Pelligra, who used his excellent design brain and sketched out this excellent drawing.
Some background. First, Ferrari told last year how they were continually looking at other racing series and did not rule out a return to Le Mans. Second, Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemelo announced in his factory speech how he'd still love to return to Le Mans, spank everyone and go back home to Maranello as champions.
Then of course, there was Fernando Alonso present at this year's Le Mans 24hr race. All this combined to resonate with the people of the world, and so Daniele decided to imagine what he thinks Ferrari should do. Taking a mix of LaFerrari and the modern breed of LMP1 racers with their aero fins and monster wings, he's created a beauty. An angry beauty.
Daniele told that he even presented his project to Luca at the recent Ferrari Calvacade in Siracusa, who 'appreciated the design'. That's a mighty big endorsement.
It's all fake, of course. Nothing is real. But, we're crossing all fingers and toes that this rosso corsa monster will line up for next year's grid... alongside the LMP1 GT-R, Porsche, Audi and Toyota. Do it Ferrari. Please. Do it for us.

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