Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Written by Chef Uli. Posted in Menu items.

Probably the world’s most famous piece of meat.

A T-Bone , well matured in a cold and dry environment for 40 – 50 days –on the bone- cut and trimmed to different sizes, most common  1,2 – 1,4 kg -but we will also do a 400g or 500g cut- and grilled over open wood-fire. Its seasoned with coarse black pepper, coarse sea-salt and lemon-juice before getting served. This is how you should eat a steak – quick seared from both sides, that the juice stay inside and  with a nice char on the outside 


We wanted to bring this tradition into Trattoria Maranello and built an open Braai next to the  pizza-oven  inside the restaurant so that you can watch the chef what he is doing with your  meat, In summer we will fire up a wood-fired Braai in our Backyard.

Of course is the T-Bone not the only cut on the menu – Sirloin, Striploin, Rib-eye, Prime-rib, Rump-steak, Picana-rump, Beef-fillet, Hanger-steak, Beef-rib for 2, Pork-sirloin on the bone

And many more…..

Per evening we will have two cuts to choose from. Together with our butcher (Bill Riley) we  guarantee for top quality and proper maturation.

With the meat you can order some sauces on the side – please just don’t ask for basting or  monkey-gland; enjoy your meal with our famous stir-fry vegetables or salad and a choice of pasta or rice.

Eat Meat the Italian way…..