In this section we celebrate all that has come before, mostly Ferrari but some just Italian and mostly forgotten.

Each month we shall research another exquisite piece of Italian engineering to present for your ocular stimulation. So bookmark this site and keep checking for the next installement. Be sure to click the "continue reading" link to get the full article.

Mystery Vintage Ferrari?

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Vintage Ferrari

A vintage Ferrari car is on display during the "The Great Challenges Ferrari-Maserati" exhibition, dedicated to the competition between the two great names in Italian car racing, at the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, northern Italy, Oct. 15, 2012.

So can you guess what this car's year of manufacture and model is? Let us know.

1952 Ferrari Barchetta Stops By Jay Leno’s Garage

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Before the bitter rivalry between Ford Motor Company and Ferrari in the 1960s (which led to the creation of the dominating Ford GT40), the two companies had actually been in talks of a merger during the preceding decade. During this time, Enzo Ferrari sent Henry Ford II a special gift, the one-off Ferrari Barchetta you see above. This dark green Ferrari now resides at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and it recently stopped by for a visit to Jay Leno’s Garage.

Please click the "continue reading" to reach the link to the video of this exciting visit!

1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta 'Competizione' by Carrozzeria Scaglietti

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In the finest tradition of Ferrari’s dual-purpose road and racing berlinettas, the new 250 GT SWB was a tractable and well-mannered daily driver about town, but it was a veritable beast in a race, where the ever more powerfully-tuned Colombo V-12 and revised rear suspension delivered unprecedented performance. Competition-specification cars with additionally uprated engines and lighweight alloy aluminum bodies were immediately made available for racing customers, 43 of these competizione examples were made in the model’s first year of production, 1960. (Just two SWB examples were produced in late-1959, the show cars of Paris and Torino.) 




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