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of "the delicious" at the new house of "Ferrari-Food"!

Maranellos Specials board for today

Come enjoy Chef Uli's specials for today

and remember to drink a toast to Ferrari...
...Choose from one of our great new craft beers on tap! 


This Weeks Winter Warmer Special! 

...now the original Peroni from Italy on tap!

Peroni imported from Italy now at Trattoria Maranello

We proudly present...

            ...the original Peroni Nastro Azzurro imported from Italy on tap!

A truly unforgettable moment is never complete without the crisp and bold taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Savour true Italian excellence.Only the finest hops and the purest water result in the intensely crisp, refreshing and bold taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Adding an edge of sophistication and style to our beer since 1846. Italian craftsmanship, passion, and flair are the cornerstones that Peroni Nastro Azzurro was founded on.

Many years later Francesco Peroni's vision still lives on.
Italian craftsmanship, passion, and flair are the cornerstones that Peroni Nastro Azzurro was founded on. Many years later Francesco Peroni's vision still lives on.



Probably the world’s most famous piece of meat.

A T-Bone , well matured in a cold and dry environment for 40 – 50 days –on the bone- cut and trimmed to different sizes, most common  1,2 – 1,4 kg -but we will also do a 400g or 500g cut- and grilled over open wood-fire. Its seasoned with coarse black pepper, coarse sea-salt and lemon-juice before getting served. This is how you should eat a steak – quick seared from both sides, that the juice stay inside and  with a nice char on the outside 

We wanted to bring this tradition into Trattoria Maranello and built an open Braai next to the  pizza-oven  inside the restaurant so that you can watch the chef what he is doing with your  meat, In summer we will fire up a wood-fired Braai in our Backyard.

Of course is the T-Bone not the only cut on the menu – Sirloin, Striploin, Rib-eye, Prime-rib, Rump-steak, Picana-rump, Beef-fillet, Hanger-steak, Beef-rib for 2, Pork-sirloin on the bone

And many more…..

Per evening we will have two cuts to choose from. Together with our butcher (Bill Riley) we  guarantee for top quality and proper maturation.

With the meat you can order some sauces on the side – please just don’t ask for basting or  monkey-gland; enjoy your meal with our famous stir-fry vegetables or salad and a choice of pasta or rice.

Please checkout our Website, Facebook or Google to find out on which days we will braai.

SPECIAL STARTS MONDAY 20th November 2017


Eat Meat the Italian way…..

Make a Maranello's PitStop

Why not make a Maranellos PitStop after work today?
Grab a nice cool beer on tap in our PitStop Bar and a snack from the new Drum Grill.

Maranello's a view to remember

There is only one place to enjoy our world famous Melkbos Beach Front in style, Maranello's. Whether you sit up on our cocktail deck and sip exotic elixirs or enjoy a continental meal inside our open air conservatory on the street level. Get to know the best Melkbosstrand has to offer feel the cool sea breeze, hear the waves rushing up the beach and and dine in style.

Maranello's offers an impressively extensive wine-list and a superb selection of food dishes from the fixed menu prepared to perfection or talk to Chef Uli and find out what specials he has prepared for the day.

Walk around the restaurant and see the remarkable collection of Ferrari memorabilia through the ages. Walk through to the back and have a coffee or a draft at our ladies bar to the rear of the restaurant and meet some of the regulars who stop in for their daily caffeine fix and to discuss local business. No matter what the ocasion Maranello's is the place by Atlantic sea to see and be seen!



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